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Welcome to Prac-tic Flea Treatment

The new top dog in spot-on flea and tick control

Your dog deserves nothing less than the best.  And for killing fleas and ticks, that means Prac-tic.  New Prac-tic works better than Frontline Plus in controlling fleas so your dog can enjoy life to the full without the irritation they can cause.

Prac-tic® contains a breakthrough ingredient called pyriprole that’s been developed specifically for dogs to effectively kill the fleas and ticks that can be so distressing and dangerous to them.

It’s been proven to kill 100% of fleas within 24 hours of application – before they can lay eggs – and a single dose protects for one month.   So you can be confident that if your dog comes into contact with more fleas from around the home or as they socialise with other dogs during this time, they’re still protected.

Even after shampooing and swimming, Prac-tic continues to protect your dog, so they can carry on having fun without interruptions!

Ordering is simple... use the BROWSE PRODUCTS link and browse the products and accessories and when you see an item that you would like then use the "BUY" button and your choice will be entered into the shopping cart. You can view the contents of the shopping cart at any time with the "Checkout" button and you can remove an item, return to shopping, or complete the checkout process.

Payment can be made by credit card or by Internet or direct banking. If you choose to pay by Visa or Mastercard you will be transferred to our secure server after ordering or alternatively you can telephone us with your credit card details. Freight will be calculated and added to your Credit Card at time of shipping

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